I, Daniel Blake Review

I, Daniel Blake (2016) Movie Review by Kevan McLaughlin

Ken Loach’s powerful brand of social realism is mastered beautifully, poignantly and tragically. A simple, honest man’s fight against a system seemingly intent on grinding its claimants into passivity is a brutal and damning, but not unrealistic, indictment of modern Britain.

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Nocturnal Animals Review

Nocturnal Animals (2016) Movie Review by John Walsh

Nocturnal Animals, the latest film from Tom Ford, focuses on the beautiful, seemingly rich and successful, Los Angeles gallery owner, Susan Morrow (Amy Adams). A west Texas debutant we learn later, she lives an extravagant lifestyle, with artwork aplenty hanging on the walls and other oddities dotted around her modern penthouse. It’s quickly apparent however that she’s deeply unhappy, with trouble brewing below the surface.

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