Fortress: Sniper’s Eye (2022) Movie Review

Where we once chastised Bruce Willis, I suppose one could now draw some inspiration from what turns out to be unwavering dedication in the face of adversity. Too bad it’s in the service of such a terrible film. I hate to see him go out like this.

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Eraser: Reborn (2022) Movie Review

As these things go, I’ve seen worse. The action is plentiful and, considering the budget, sometimes impressive. While it isn’t always plausible, you gotta appreciate any movie that manages to work angry hippos and rhinos into the action (even clumsy CGI renders them laughable). Elsewhere, Sherwood makes a serviceable protagonist, but nothing more. That might not be entirely his fault, since Pollard isn’t a particularly complex character to begin with. Belcher, on the other hand, is terrific fun, displaying sadistic, unrepentant ruthlessness as Whitlock.

The Contractor (2022) Movie Review

Though devoid of surprises or originality, The Contractor is an agreeable time killer for undiscriminating action fans, a film meant to be consumed, enjoyed and forgotten shortly afterwards. In that respect, I suppose you could consider it the Egg McMuffin of action movies…with an Egg McGuffin to drive the narrative.

Paan Singh Tomar (2012) Movie Review

Filming of Life of Paan Singh is really interesting, From Starting to ending movie keeps viewer bounded with it. The Area Where Paan Singh worked as Bandit is real and shooted in real places instead of green screen, portrayal of Indian Villages in 1950s is very realistic, Director Tigmanshu Has really done an appreciable job.

Gangs Of Wasseypur (2012) Movie Review

A gripping story of a whole family of three generations who seeks revenge against an aging villain is flawless. The most appreciable work is done by the music team, This was the most different music Album After a While and the songs are unique, mostly they are unlike any other song and that uniqueness makes everyone a fan.

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