The Iron Mask (2019) Movie Review By D.M. Anderson

While not being promoted as one, this Russian-Chinese co-production is actually a sequel to a 2014 film called Viy (aka Forbidden Empire), which also starred Fleming and explains the presence of the “cute” flying cat-lizard (or whatever it is) in this one. I haven’t seen it, nor did Iron Mask compel me to go back and check-out what I’ve been missing. Not when there’s plenty of Chips Ahoy out there.

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Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge (2020) Movie Review By Steven Wilkins

This is a brutally graphic fun movie. Delivering pretty much all one would expect from a Mortal Kombat titled endeavor. The story is actually fairly bland and extremely predictable but the obvious point of this title is to give the viewers some great skull cracking, limb snatching action. The art work is cool, the voice cast is great and the action is fun.

The Tax Collector (2020) Movie Review By D.M. Anderson

Similar to most of writer-director David Ayer’s other films, we walk away without giving the movie another thought. But sometimes we’re in the mood for dumb, gratuitous mayhem, the kind that require no personal engagement beyond keeping track of where the bullets hit. As such, The Tax Collector might hit the spot. But I still can’t help but be dumbfounded by Mr. LaBeouf’s misguided approach to method acting. A chest tattoo? For this movie? Why, Shia, why?

Ghost in the Shell (1995) Movie Review By D.M. Anderson

Similar to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Ghost in the Shell has always been more of a sensory experience than a narratively compelling one. For me, the best moments have nothing to do with the story, such as the dialogue-free sequence that’s essentially a grand tour of dystopian Tokyo. Presented in long takes, accompanied by nothing but Kenjo Kawai’s haunting score, it’s like viewing a series of vivid animatic paintings. Though I’m not a massive anime fan, the film is constantly engaging just to look at, nearly every scene so rich with detail that catching everything in one sitting is impossible

Max Reload and the Nether Blasters (2020) Movie Review By D.M. Anderson

Alas, much of this is only going to be amusing to gamers who “get it,” or at-least people familiar with the culture. There might also be some additional appeal to old school nostalgics who recall the days of yore when Colecovision briefly threatened Atari’s reign in the 80s. With the exception of a few great comic performances that transcend the subject matter, most ordinary folk’ll sit stone-faced through a majority of it.

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