White Elephant (2022) Movie Review

White Elephant never challenges the intellect, nor is it teaming with originality, but Michael Rooker makes the most of a rare leading role. He elevates the film a notch or two higher than the usual direct-to-video drivel.

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The Lost City (2022) Movie Review

Deja vu runs through nearly every aspect of The Lost City – even the title – but you could say that about any AC/DC song you’ve ever heard. Seldom laugh-out-loud hilarious and bereft of any narrative surprises, it’s nevertheless an agreeable spin on a tried-and-true formula, slickly assembled and performed by a band that knows the formula pretty well.

Wolf Hound (2022) Movie Review

Considering almost no time is spent on characterization, Wolf Hound has no business dragging things out for 130 minutes, especially during the needlessly protracted climax. But despite some eye-rolling moments – mostly the dialogue – the film displays an old school earnestness that’s fairly entertaining…and it’s always fun watching Nazis get blown up.

Eraser: Reborn (2022) Movie Review

As these things go, I’ve seen worse. The action is plentiful and, considering the budget, sometimes impressive. While it isn’t always plausible, you gotta appreciate any movie that manages to work angry hippos and rhinos into the action (even clumsy CGI renders them laughable). Elsewhere, Sherwood makes a serviceable protagonist, but nothing more. That might not be entirely his fault, since Pollard isn’t a particularly complex character to begin with. Belcher, on the other hand, is terrific fun, displaying sadistic, unrepentant ruthlessness as Whitlock.

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