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Barbarian (2022) Movie Review

The film is loaded with surprises, from the narrative structure right down to the characters. It isn’t gonna be everyone’s cup of tea, but adventurous fans who appreciate having their expectations repeatedly confounded might find this to be a slice of horror heaven.

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Beast (2022) Movie Review

Beast benefits from a brisk pace, well-executed action and strong characters…even if a couple of ‘em are sometimes annoyingly stupid (hey, they’re teenagers). While it’s certainly no Jaws, this film is recommended for anyone who gets their kicks seeing nature strike back.

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Orphan: First Kill (2022) Movie Review

Orphan: First Kill eventually veers away from horror to become more of a cat & mouse thriller once every character’s cards are on the table, which I suppose was inevitable. Esther is still an unnerving creation, but her power to instill true dread ended with the first film, so pitting her against even worse foils takes this story in an unexpected and interesting direction. The scenario also lends itself to some welcome bits of black comedy.

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