Roohi (2021) Movie Review

This movie has so many remarkable events that someone will not forget even after a weak of watching the movie. My aim here is to provide you with a shorter insight of the movie not the spoilers of the movie so that you will develop some interest to watch the movie.

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Gangs Of Wasseypur (2012) Movie Review

A gripping story of a whole family of three generations who seeks revenge against an aging villain is flawless. The most appreciable work is done by the music team, This was the most different music Album After a While and the songs are unique, mostly they are unlike any other song and that uniqueness makes everyone a fan.

Panchayat (2020) TV Series Review

Panchayat is an experience, which everyone should watch. Many people just binge-watched whole seasons when they came. This is a calming series, if you like action, suspense, or very brutal web series then please don’t watch this. From my side, this is one of the best web series available on Amazon Prime and not only in India but on an international level. It portrays grass root level of India, which is stereotyped by Bollywood.

Coming 2 America (2021) Movie Review

When it comes to (very) belated sequels, familiarity is always the safest path. While that approach does render much of Coming 2 America somewhat redundant, one could look at it like being told a good joke you’ve heard before…not as fresh or funny the second time around, but it can still put a smile on your face.

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