Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story (2020) Movie Review By Gianni Damaia

All that being said, the credits roll on the perfect image of Lett, a hearty bit healthier and far more grateful for his life. The secret sauce in the story of Richard Lett is undoubtedly Lett himself, and seeing his journey, no matter how unsubtle at times it may be, imbues the audience with a deep sense of satisfaction and hope. I have no earthly clue what Lett has been doing since the final moments of the film, but I leave this review knowing in my heart that he is happier, and while he is far from a perfect man, I know he has offered the world in his orbit a bit of happiness as well. I leave looking forward to the future work of documentarian Roy Tighe, his camera man Graeme Morgan, and the other crew members who saddled with them for an expansive journey about redemption and self discovery. It’s a story I’m proud to have been a part of as a viewer, and one that I encourage you to seek out in the near future.

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