Midsomer Murders (1997) TV Review

All in all the stuff that makes the show what it is could be listed as The DCI and his family, the DS, the location, the music, the scripts, the dark humour, the quirky murder scenarios, the actors and the attention to detail. You change any one of them and you lose the very charm of Midsomer Murders. In all of this, the show has given a gnarly image to rural England, such that country-loving anglophiles will have a hard time dreaming to settle in one such charming village, lest they get murdered for plucking the wrong flower in the wrong garden. The county of Midsomer has seen so many quirky murders that it makes one wonder if Miss Marple grew up here!

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Paan Singh Tomar (2012) Movie Review

Filming of Life of Paan Singh is really interesting, From Starting to ending movie keeps viewer bounded with it. The Area Where Paan Singh worked as Bandit is real and shooted in real places instead of green screen, portrayal of Indian Villages in 1950s is very realistic, Director Tigmanshu Has really done an appreciable job.

Gangs Of Wasseypur (2012) Movie Review

A gripping story of a whole family of three generations who seeks revenge against an aging villain is flawless. The most appreciable work is done by the music team, This was the most different music Album After a While and the songs are unique, mostly they are unlike any other song and that uniqueness makes everyone a fan.

Panchayat (2020) TV Series Review

Panchayat is an experience, which everyone should watch. Many people just binge-watched whole seasons when they came. This is a calming series, if you like action, suspense, or very brutal web series then please don’t watch this. From my side, this is one of the best web series available on Amazon Prime and not only in India but on an international level. It portrays grass root level of India, which is stereotyped by Bollywood.

A Death in the Gunj (2016) Movie Review

The attention to detail is exemplary: the sword and shield replica wall decor, the white and lavender coloured Yardley talcum powder tin, a drawer with plastic hair rollers, Kashmiri embroidered ponchos… all of which takes the viewer back to the bygone era of the late 70’s and 80’s or even the 90’s (it is strange how those 3 decades seem so similar to each other while 5 years ago from now seem ancient: technology has made time move so fast). Coming from a town around the same region as McCluskieganj, these details are all too familiar. This movie has given me a sense of identity and belongingness like no other.

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