Tumbbad (2018) Movie Review

This movie portrays old Indian lifestyle of common people very intelligently and The Fear you feel while watching is extreme. Hindi Cinema Had not produced a cult horror film since long time but Tumbbad was a break to it. It was a highly underrated when released but when it came to OTT word of mouth increased its popularity. Plot is very unique and it’s connection with hindu mythology is just fabulous.

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The Boy Behind the Door (2020) Movie Review

Though there are a few lapses in credibility and logic, The Boy Behind the Door compensates with convincing performances (especially Kristin Bauer van Straten) and smart, economical direction. Writer-directors David Charbonier and Justin Powell’s minimalist approach to dialogue and exposition not-only respects the audience’s intelligence, it exacerbates the tension.

Superhost (2021) Movie Review

Superhost is frequently amusing, with bits of suspense here & there and a wonderfully gruesome death scene involving a knife to the face. Legendary scream queen Barbara Crampton is even on-hand for what amounts to a glorified cameo. But in addition to Gillum’s caffeinated performance, the film works best when having fun at the expense of the “Look at me!” culture. Those people have it coming.

Antlers Review

Antlers (2021) Movie Review

Antlers draws to a downbeat, ominous conclusion. But considering the overall air of despair prevalent throughout the story, any kind of hunky-dory resolution would probably ring false. More ambitious than the title might suggest, it’s a grim but mostly worthwhile journey, though one trip will likely be enough for most viewers.

The Power Review

The Power (2021) Movie Review

The Power feels stuck in second gear. Character exposition comprises most of the first act, but while Valerie certainly earns our sympathy, most others are painted in broad strokes and the vengeful spirit turns out to be something we’ve seen many times before. The film is deliberately paced and atmospheric, but relies too heavily on gratuitous jump-scares for its own good, to the point where we wish it would stop throwing us false alarms and get on with the story.

Seance Review

Seance (2021) Movie Review

Seance does come to a lively – and gory – conclusion, which helps us forgive lapses in credibility. The rest is unremarkable slasher horror, though slickly-made and certainly watchable. If only the killer knew when to shut up…not everything needs to be explained, especially to the one person who can stop you.

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