October (2018) Movie Review

October is a one-time watchable emotional love story movie. If you have been feeling alone in your love life or deceived it can be your partner for a while. If nothing then we all can see this movie to see how good acting Varun Dhawan can do, Unlike in his recent films.

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Table 19 Review

Table 19 (2017) Movie Review by Darrin Gauthier

The story was written by the Duplass Brothers, not the screenplay though and that is telling.  Anna Kendrick is a very likeable presence and she brings charm but at times she feels like she’s holding back sometimes playing too safe a role. This film got very bad reviews and the thing I see is the film was not marketed very well, you didn’t get the sense of what this film was and after watching it I can say it’s not an all out comedy this films like an Indie comedy/drama about quirky characters.

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