New Dune Trailer Teaser Reveals Epic Sandworm Scene and Introduces Florence Pugh and Austin Butler in First 45 Seconds!

Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation has been highly anticipated since its announcement, and the success of the first film has only served to increase the hype.

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Dune Review

Dune (2021) Movie Review

Dune does what so many other adaptations fail to do. It remains faithful. It trusts in the beauty of storytelling that Herbert once mastered. It expands on his ideas only so much as to offer the audience a better glimpse as to the possibility beyond them, gearing them for their glorious purpose yet to be fulfilled. As the sequel begins its production, I remain a fan as optimistic as ever. Even knowing the book’s latter half carries the brunt of its zaniness, I have the upmost faith that the totality of Villeneuve’s vision will leave a lasting impression on film for years to come.

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