The Irishman Review

The Irishman (2019) Movie Review By Gianni Damaia

With a 3 and a half hour runtime, does it all fit neatly under the thematic umbrella? No. Watermelons and quirky casket dealings can’t all feel like a contemplative journey. But The Irishman is a remarkably reflective experience that people should think about more.

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My Cousin Vinnie Review

My Cousin Vinny (1992) Movie Retro Review By Stephen McLaughlin

My Cousin Vinny, is a classic comedy film that has out performed its initial expectations in my book. Pesci is hilarious as Vinny, Macchio in his limited screen time has one or two funny lines and actually plays a convincing cousin to Joe Pesci. Tomei manages to surprise everyone with her performance from nowhere and I still regard this as one of my favourite roles she has played.