Total Recall Review

Total Recall (1990) Movie Retro Review By Stephen McLaughlin

Schwarzenegger plays Douglas Quaid. A construction worker who yearns for a better life with his wife Lori (Sharon Stone). Quaid dreams of one day going to Mars and fulfill his destiny. Lori on the other hand appears to want the simpler things in life and doesn’t really have any ambition other than to live an ordinary life.

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Robocop Review

RoboCop (1987) Movie Review By Stephen McLaughlin

You can’t think of RoboCop without thinking of Director Paul Verhoeven. His building a world within a world is what makes RoboCop entertaining. From the News Reports to the Crazy Adverts on TV “I’d Buy That For A Dollar” and the “Nukem” board game is what makes Verhoeven’s movies so memorable. There is a fine line between comic book and serious storytelling, possibly more so back in the late 1980’s before Tim Burton’s Batman.