The Family Man: Manoj Bajpayee Teases Possibility of Season 3

The Family Man, an Indian show on OTT, has been a roaring success, and Manoj Bajpayee’s performance has received high praise in both seasons. Fans

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Theri (2016) Movie Review

Theri is an entertaining film that blends action, drama, and comedy to tell a story of revenge and redemption. With strong performances, memorable music, and well-executed action sequences, it is a must-watch for fans of Tamil cinema. The film’s exploration of themes such as trauma, loss, and corruption also adds to its relevance and makes it a film that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Mersal (2017) Movie Review

Mersal is a must-watch film for anyone who enjoys action-packed thrillers with a social message. It has everything that a good film should have, including stunning visuals, great music, and strong performances. The film not only entertains but also educates and raises important questions about the healthcare industry. Mersal is a great example of how cinema can be used as a tool for social change.