Wolf Hound (2022) Movie Review

Considering almost no time is spent on characterization, Wolf Hound has no business dragging things out for 130 minutes, especially during the needlessly protracted climax. But despite some eye-rolling moments – mostly the dialogue – the film displays an old school earnestness that’s fairly entertaining…and it’s always fun watching Nazis get blown up.

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The Cellar (2022) Movie Review

Despite a climax that arguably shows too much – undermining some of the tension – the film comes to a haunting conclusion. Anchored by a fluid pace, atmospheric production design and decent performances, The Cellar doesn’t score many points for originality, but it’s a solid, spooky spin on a familiar premise.

Scarf Face (2021) Movie Review

The unexpected deaths of a few eaters notwithstanding, Scarf Face is a highly amusing documentary that cleverly subverts the self-importance displayed by its subjects. But even if one shares the opinion that gorging on dangerous amounts of food somehow qualifies as a sport, the film is a fascinating look at what makes these people tick.

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