El Camino Review

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) Movie Review By John Walsh

I get the sense that Vince Gilligan himself was annoyed by the abrupt nature of Pinkman’s ending. I mean why else would he go out his way to make a two hour, direct continuation of the finale if not to right a perceived wrong?

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Come and Find Me Review

Come And Find Me (2016) Movie Review by Darrin Gauthier

This is a mixed bag for my money, for a movie billing billed as a thriller it’s not that thrilling but what I did like is the relationship between Paul and Wallis, it’s mostly told in flashbacks for the first third of the film and it oddly works for me.  Wallis is very good in this she’s playing a tricky role, she’s not who we and Paul think she is but maybe there’s a part of her who is that person she’s just not allowed to be it all the time.  The first half of the film is played as more of a drama, a married couple in love and then the wife leaves, and the husband is left to figure out what happened.  The drama and angst of a person trying to figure out how much they knew they’re partner is interesting and that part of the film works for me.  Paul and Wallis have chemistry and you care about them.