Burying the Ex Review

Burying The Ex (2014) Movie Retro Review By Darrin Gauthier ‬

Yelchin and Daddario are both very likable actors and they do have a good chemistry together.  They’re relationship is easily the best part of the film.‬
‪Of course there is a Dick Miller cameo here, if it’s a Joe Dante film then Miller is there. This is a pleasant film, almost a good natured film considering it’s a horror comedy, and it’s got a decent pace to it.‬

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Rudderless Review

Rudderless (2014) Movie Review by Stephen McLaughlin

Rudderless is one of those movies that really finds the correct balance of emotion in the story, the characters and in this case the music. Sam played by Billy Crudup (Almost Famous and Watchmen) is confident advertising business executive who lives fast, talks fast and deals fast, keeping himself busy and hidden from his failed marriage. The best thing that has came out of his marriage is his son Josh who he appears to have good relations with and enjoys sharing his success stories and experiences with his boy.