Cloverfield Paradox Review

The ‪Cloverfield‬ Paradox (2018) Movie Review by Darrin Gauthier

This movie is filmed with very good actors and I mean very good to great actors, a true international cast, true they might not be huge stars in the US but this is not a random cast and it’s not a cast full of genre actors this is taking the genre very seriously. 

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A Most Violent Year Review

A Most Violent Year (2014) Movie Retro Review by Stephen McLaughlin

The movie’s strength lies in the excellent cast and their performances and interactions throughout the storyline. Almost every shot and scene should be appreciated as the script is intelligent, interesting and gripping to the extent that the audience will be drawn in very easily. Abel’s stance and morals frustrate his wife Anna played by Jessica Chastain who seeks protection from Abel for her and their children in the means of being in the possession of an unlicensed firearm. Chastain’s performance is as equally strong and assertive of that of Isaac and both appear to excel in their shared scenes.