John Wick Chapter 4 Earns Glowing Reviews, Hailed as the Best in the Franchise Yet!

John Wick 4 looks set to be another triumph for the franchise, cementing its place as one of the most beloved and thrilling action franchises in recent years.

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Raging Fire Review

Raging Fire (2021) Movie Review

Almost epic in scope, Raging Fire may not always be believable, but it’s a constantly entertaining crime thriller with a great story. Doing the preliminary legwork to fully flesh-out its characters – on both sides of the badge – certainly pays off, since we’re far more invested in them when the bullets begin to fly. Donnie Yen has seldom been better, digging into a role that showcases both his physical and dramatic skills. This is, so far, the best action movie of the year.

Enter The Fat Dragon Review

Enter The Fat Dragon (2020) Movie Review

Enter the Fat Dragon coasts on the novelty of its funny title and an action star willing to sit in the make-up chair a few more hours each day. Remove both and you still have the same plot, same characters and same jokes, funny or otherwise. The action and its star make the film watchable, though Donnie Yen is flirting with becoming Hong Kong’s own Nic Cage.

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