Matt Damon raves about Cillian Murphy’s performance in lengthy Oppenheimer film

Damon’s comments have only served to increase anticipation for “Oppenheimer.” With its lengthy runtime, complex story, and talented cast, the film is shaping up to be one of the most intriguing releases of the year.

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A Quiet Place Part II Review

A Quiet Place: Part Two (2020) Movie Review

While not quite as fresh as the original, A Quiet Place Part II is a worthy follow-up. By continuing the same story rather than contriving a new one, we’re already invested in these characters before a single monster shows up. Dedicated performances, strong characters and continued narrative simplicity make it a better-than-average horror sequel…if you still want to call it one.

A Quiet Place Review

A Quiet Place (2018) Blu-Ray Review By D.M. Anderson

A Quiet Place might be the most masterful opening to any horror film ever made. With no dialogue, music or exposition, the audience learns almost everything they need about the apocalyptic implications of the film’s central idea and meets every character essential to the narrative…all before the opening title. Had the film been a short subject and ended right there, it would still come to a shocking, satisfying conclusion. The whole sequence is a triumph of minimalist storytelling.

A Quiet Place Review

A Quiet Place (2018) Movie Review By John Walsh

The actual premise of the film is rather simple. It’s set in the near future of 2020, in a post-apocalyptic enviroment where humanity has been pretty much wiped out in a matter of three months. The cause of this near extinction are multi-limbed, alien creatures dubbed ‘black angels’. These fast moving carnivorous monsters have hypersensitive hearing and despite being blind, are very difficult to take down.

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