Anna Review

Anna (2019) Blu-Ray Movie Review

t’s a movie directed by a man who’s well-within his comfort zone, and though he underuses an impressive supporting cast, Besson still knows his way around an elaborate action scene.

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Lucy Review

Lucy (2014) Movie Review By Darrin Gauthier

Scarlett Johansson is a very watchable actor not just because of her beauty but she’s always thinking and for the most part her characters either seem a little off or a tad different than who think they are.  For a star she does take risks and she can handle drama and action.  Here she’s easily the best part of the movie, she’s the reason you watch as the film gets crazier and downright silly.  She’s good but her character is very under written Johansson coasts on her own presence here.  I liked Morgan Freeman, he doesn’t do much but he’s Morgan Freeman and he’s always welcome in any film I watch.

Lucy Review

Lucy (2014) Movie Review by Stephen McLaughlin

Lucy after being unconscious awakes to discover a scar on her lower stomach and realises she is being forced to deliver the drugs in her stomach for the Korean Mafia to Europe, which by some violence and interrogation by the authorities  gets ‘kicked’ opened, integrated into her system with devastating results and side effects for Lucy. This results leads to her being able to use the full 100% of her brain capacity and usage.