The World's End Review

The World’s End (2013) Movie Retro Review by Stephen McLaughlin

The Direction for the movie was always going to carry it regardless and with a 1990’s “indie” soundtrack, audiences of a certain age (my age) will enjoy reliving their youth (much as Gary King did in this film) “The World’s End” was always going to be up against it billing it as part of that trilogy and perhaps that affected it slightly with its expectations.

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Dead Man's Shoes Review

Dead Man’s Shoes (2004) Movie Retro Review by John Walsh

I’d honestly rank in my all-time top twenty, I now feel the need to try and spread the word about this British, indie, cult classic which sadly has never gotten the love it deserves. The film I’m talking about is 2004’s Dead Mans Shoes. Directed by Shane Meadows, a man that’s more famous for his ‘This is England’ films. It doesn’t feature an all star cast or even a traditional A-list lead actor, but don’t let this dissuade you any, because it has an engrossingly, simple, little story that never grows old even after a dozen viewings.