Dune Review

Dune (1984) Movie Retro Review By D.M. Anderson

Regardless of what one thinks of the movie, Dune is often pretty to look at (except for the whole heartplug scene) and the soundtrack is wonderful, the only decent thing Toto ever recorded. If you’re one of those still inclined to write it off as another overwrought Hollywood disaster, might I suggest keeping a copy around as a safe, non-addictive alternative cure for your insomnia? As a home remedy, it’s ultimately a lot cheaper and you’ll still wake up feeling refreshed…probably with the “Prophecy Theme” stuck in your head. 

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Blade Runner Review

Blade Runner (1982) Movie Retro Review by John Walsh

I was a little apprehensive of what to expect going in because of its setting, year of release and the tendency for sci-fi films of that era, with a few notable exceptions, to not really age well. I’m pleased to say though that it was visually quite impressive for a 35 year old film and the slightly optimistic 2019 landscape (flying cars and all) was interesting to say the least. Ridley Scott clearly took inspiration from Star Wars in the way he chose to blend the futuristic setting with a gritty, lived in feel.