The Titan Review

The Titan (2018) Movie Review By Darrin Gauthier

It looked fine I find the Sci-Fi genre is in a bit of a rut, sure we’ve had some decent bigger films but as far as smaller more original films it’s been not great and it’s too bad I think there’s so much to do with the genre but most filmmakers go with world building and big sets and huge production designs and they forget character and story.

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Denial Review

Denial (2016) Movie Review by Kevan McLaughlin

Denial is the true story based on Deborah Lipstadt’s book History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier when David Irving (Spall) sued Lipstadt (Weisz) for libel.
Remarkably, it’s the fact that Lipstadt called Irving a Holocaust denier which led to her being sued, especially when Irving has, indeed, denied that a mass extermination ever took place during the Second World War.