Hereditary Review

Hereditary (2018) Movie Review By John Walsh

As a person who is actively on the hunt for a film that’ll terrify me like the ones from my childhood, Hereditary, which has been getting some monstrous, mostly positive word of mouth following it’s release had great promise indeed. It’s been billed ‘The Exorcist’ of this generation, the scariest horror film in years and armed with this sensationalist feedback, I just had to head along to the theatre and watch it.

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Krampus Review

Krampus (2015) Movie Review By Darrin Gauthier

Couple of interesting points here the first one is the fact that critics liked it more than audience on Rotten Tomatoes, that doesn’t happen very often.  Director Michael Dougherty did the cult fav, I guess I can kind of call it that Trick ‘r Treat and this is his follow up.  I thought Trick ‘r Treat was interesting but a tad over rated but it was also liked by critics.  The other thing to point out this is kind of an odd cast for this movie, let’s just call it random.