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Rampage (2018) Movie Review By Darrin Gauthier


Director: Brad Peyton
Writers: Ryan Engle (screenplay by), Carlton Cuse (screenplay by)
Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Joe Manganiello

Plot:  When three different animals become infected with a dangerous pathogen, a primatologist and a geneticist team up to stop them from destroying Chicago.

Running Time: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

Rotten Tomatoes Score: Critics 52%    Audience 75%

Why I Watched It: The cast and I got it on sale on itunes for 2.99.

Random Thoughts: This was one of the rare cases where a movie was based on a video game and I didn’t know or more likely didn’t remember the game.  I have seen it now boy I miss the early video games.

I would like to say something about Dwayne Johnson, Baywatch bombed, Skyscraper was a disappointment and Rampage did well but look at that critics score, it’s very hard to be the highest paid actor in Hollywood, heavy is the crown and all that, he’s still for my movie a bankable star and who of the most charismatic actors working today and likable as all get out.

What I Liked: First off, this is a fun and enjoyable popcorn movie, I liked the crap out of it, don’t worry I’ll say more but it does sum it up nicely.

I don’t usually like giant monster movies, I like some but the King Kongs and Godzillias usually leave me cold but here they embrace the fun of it and to their credit it’s silly cause of course it is but they play it straight and they don’t play down to the material.  The tone and pacing works well and even though the film does run a bit long it’s a quick watch.

Johnson is solid here, he’s kind of quiet and even though he’s playing to his type and his strengths it’s a bit different, slightly. Naomie Harris is very good here, kind of a nothing role and she holds her own.  To me the standout is Jeffery Dean Morgan who is a downright hoot in this movie, even is chewing scenery and having a ton of fun and it’s infectious, every time he says something I smiled.  I liked the fact that they didn’t make him a cliched government bad guy, you’re not really sure what side he’s on and that’s part of the fun.  It’s nice to see a secondary character get some time and also get to be more than a stock character.  Also different seeing Malin Ackerman as the villain, and to have a brother and sister villain is different or at least hasn’t been done in a while.

The action is done well, the CGI for the most part is good and the monsters were believable enough to keep you into the movie.  For the most par this is a well made action movie.

What I Didn’t Like: Honestly there isn’t much cause this movie really knows what it is, it’s not over reaching and it’s not trying to be the biggest Box Office hit of all-time, it’s a movie based on an old video game and it kept the fun and silliness that it had and put it on the big screen.  With that there’s a couple of nitpicks, they waste Joe Manganiello, i wish they gave him not only more to do but a character to play, he’s a type here, everything I said about Morgan’s character does not apply to Manganiello not his fault he’s a bigger name than this role needed.  Also the villain’s could have been a tad better, I get what they were going for but really they weren’t much of a threat.

Final Thoughts: A hoot of a film, there I said I enjoyed it for what it was, I hada good time watching it.

Rating: 8/10

Incarnate (2016) Movie Review by Darrin Gauthier


Director: Brad Peyton
Writer: Ronnie Christensen
Stars: Aaron Eckhart, Carice van Houten, Catalina Sandino Moreno

Plot: A scientist with the ability to enter the subconscious minds of the possessed must save a young boy from the grips of a demon with powers never seen before, while facing the horrors of his past.
Running Time: 1 hour 31 minutes
Rotten Tomatoes Score: Critics 15% Audience 23%

Why I watched it: It’s a horror film, but I will say I’m always nervous about possession and exorcist films cause I find them the most cliched and badly done horror sub-genre but I watched it with crossed fingers and the cast.

Random Thoughts: Here’s a big thing they list it has a 2016 film but it stayed in the can for almost three years, I can only assume they final released it because of director Brad Peyton’s success. Before going into the whole review I want to make a comment on Aaron Eckhart, he’s a good actor but he has what i call the bride’s maid career, great in support but not great as a lead. He’s done a lot of genre that sadly are pretty bad, he keeps trying.

What I like: I’ll give Incarnate a little credit they try to to do a traditional possession story by trying to down play religion and go with more of a “Dreamscape” approach. So they use wacky science, Eckhart who’s in a wheelchair goes into the mind of the person possessed and tries to get them out of the state. Not perfect but at least it’s a twist on the ordinary. Eckhart is fine here, he’s rumpled and of course has a tragic backstory. The idea isn’t bad taking two movie sub genres and throwing them together sometimes that works. All the tech stuff is fine, it’s shot pretty well and all that. The film moves pretty well at just over 90 minutes.

What I didn’t like: Just not a very involving film, I blame a few things first Brad Peyton is not a pure genre director and it shows here, he’s not great a horror, it moves well and the action is handled alright but we’re not invested in the characters and the tension isn’t their, he hasn’t built up the stakes enough. The other main problem is the script it relies on horror cliches and once we find out that the demon is really after Aaron Eckhart we know where this is going, this is a second rate movie of films like Insidious, and many others. We have characters we should care about, the boy that they’re trying to save his mother but they’re not fleshed out, we don’t know them or care for them.

Final Thoughts: This good have been a decent B-Movie a horror film version of Dreamscape I would have been fine with that but it didn’t have me invested and at times it’s boring and silly.
Rating: 4/10