Possessor (2020) Movie Review

A chip off the old block, Brandon Cronenberg also demonstrates a penchant for uninhibited, wince-inducing violence, marvelously rendered with good ol’ fashioned practical effects and completely convincing. Since the gore scenes are in service of a sharp, challenging story, those with strong stomachs will consider them icing on the cake. A potential cult classic, Possessor is a superlative example of sci-fi body horror, courtesy of a director who probably grew up around it.

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It Comes At Night Review

It Comes At Night (2017) Movie Review by John Walsh

I’ve never watched Krisha, the debut feature film from director Trey Edwards Shults. By all accounts, it was a sparkling debut that seemed to excel in creating real suspense and tension out of the mundaneness of a Thanksgiving dinner. In his second venture, It Comes At Night, he appears to be attempting that self same formula albeit this time in the more traditional horror genre.