Vivarium Review

Vivarium (2019) Movie Review

“Vivarium” becomes an uncomfortable film. As a viewer, you feel the despair and watch the youthful and lively couple evolve into an apathetic and indifferent duo whose daily routine consists of eating tasteless astronaut food and caring for a bizarre child.

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I Kill Giants Review

I Kill Giants (2017) Movie Review By Steven Wilkins

From the start just given the title alone, you’re drawn in to the why’s of the main character Barbara, a young girl who has set out to destroy giants that have invaded her small town. Through her personal journey we find that not everything is as it seems and as the underlying nature of the story unfolds, you’re taken on a somber yet heartwarming journey relatable to many across the world.  A drama story with a sprinkle of action, I Kill Giants is a great view for the family to sit and enjoy.