Frank and Lola Review

Frank & Lola (2016) Movie Review by Darrin Gauthier


Director: Matthew Ross
Writer: Matthew Ross
Stars: Michael Shannon, Imogen Poots, Justin Long

Plot:  A psychosexual noir love story, set in Las Vegas and Paris, about love, obsession, sex, betrayal, revenge and, ultimately, the search for redemption.
Running Time: 88 minutes
Rotten Tomatoes Score: Critics 67%    Audience 39%

Why I watched it: The cast, easy answer.

Random Thoughts: I love seeing good actors get to do new things and here is a prime example, Michael Shannon gets to play a romantic like lead, it’s as close as he’s going to get.  Also I think Poots is a very underrated and underused actress.

What I liked: The main reason to watch this movie is for Shannon and Poots, both are very good.  Going in you would think Shannon would act circles around her but she holds her won. Her work here and in The Green Room has really shown her range. Michael Shannon is a different cat that’s for sure, even when he’s playing a good guy you’re scared of him.  Watching this he reminded me of a young James Woods, he’s intense and at times very charming and liable but you never trust him 100%.  He gets to do something here that’s different and he runs with it.

Really this film is about a toxic relationship, two people who are damaged/a tad off but are drawn to each other.
The plot tries to get you to think this is a thriller but really it’s a story about two people and the drama they cause.  It’s intense and I will say I never truly knew where it was going.

What I didn’t like: This film left me baffled, it’s a bit of a mess, the film is way too short for the story it’s telling, things just seemed left out, random scenes are thrown together and you honestly have no idea what this movie is about.
There has to be stuff left out but I can’t review what I think should have been in it so I have to go with the film I was watching and for me the story doesn’t hold together.

The plot holes and the jumps in logic make your head spin.  I honestly believe that Justin Long’s character is a fairy godmother, Poots meets him in a bar and he hits on her and then he’s like what do you do for a living, oh really I can help you with that I own a company.  Oh your boyfriend is a chef my dad helps people with restaurants and we know a famous chef who wants to open a restaurant in Vegas, but he’s in France so I’ll pay for air fare and a hotel for you to cook for him.  Really?  Then it so happens that a man Poots says raped her also lives in France and Shannon googles him and finds his address and goes to get revenge.

At this point you think this might be a joke but no they’re dead serious. I will say this the main thing about this damaged couple is interesting and yes it has sex and real emotion and tension to it but we don’t know who they are, we’re thrown into this without seeing the love built up, they do have chemistry but I throw that to the actors.  The story really wastes what could have been a gut punch movie or even about people trying to fix themselves and trying to be happy but what we get is a mess.

Final Thoughts: I liked the two leads a lot but I disliked the story they were in.

Rating: 5/10

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