Z Review

Z (2019) Movie REview By D.M. anderson

Until then, though, Z may not be a game-changer, but is undemanding fun, with a solid cast, some eerie set-pieces and a few well-timed jump scares. Light on graphic violence and language, it might even be a safe, solid pick for some kind of family fright fest, if that’s what you and your brood are into.

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Z Review

Z (2019) Movie Review By Peter Pluymers

I can’t say the film “Z” was really scary. Maybe deliberately not depicting the phenomenon “Z” explicitly, does cause some tension. A cleverly applied gimmick so the viewer’s imagination has to do most of the work (with a terrifying wall drawing as inspiration). Ultimately, it’s mainly the mood that’s essential in this film. In hindsight, the film covers different topics.