Look Away Review

Look Away (2018) Movie Review

Look Away is a simple yet effective revenge tale in the vein of Carrie (much less fire and destruction on prom night). Supporting roles from Sorvino and Isaacs are good, Eisley plays dual roles accordingly. Look Away has the makings of series potential under the “cursed horror” genre should it be taken seriously.

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Green Lantern Emerald Knights Review

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011) Movie Review By Stephen McLaughlin

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights is really a well told story that is constructed into the pending threat as the home planet of the Green Lantern Corps faces a battle with an ancient enemy and Hal Jordan (Nathan Fillion) must prepare new recruit Arisia (Elisabeth Moss) for the coming conflict by relating stories of the first Green Lantern and several of Hal’s comrades.