Ne Zha Review

Ne Zha 2019) Movie Review

Through and through, Ne Zha is an absolute joy to watch. If you’re the type that cant enjoy a film because it’s animated, you are sorely missing out on a gem.

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The Archer (2016) Movie Review

With so many movies logging 2½ – 3hrs standard these days, its easy to forget how good, simply, a movie at an hour half can be. Again, very straightforward, well executed story delivered with a minor twist, the inspiration for the film, The Archer is a great survival/revenge story well worth a view.

Look Away Review

Look Away (2018) Movie Review

Look Away is a simple yet effective revenge tale in the vein of Carrie (much less fire and destruction on prom night). Supporting roles from Sorvino and Isaacs are good, Eisley plays dual roles accordingly. Look Away has the makings of series potential under the “cursed horror” genre should it be taken seriously.

Coherence Review

Coherence (2013) Movie Review

This isn’t the most complex story and the delivery could be taken in the wrong light as being too slow but overall the payoff works and the pacing really isn’t so bad. The cast does well to showcase paranoia and the writing is pretty good. Not a must see but worth the time and bowl of popcorn.

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