Kill Order Review

Kill Order (2017) Movie Review

Kill Order Review
Director: James Mark
Writer: James Mark
Stars: Chris Mark, Jessica Clement, Denis Akiyama

Do you like action…do you like more action? Well this is definitely the one to check out.  David Lee (Chris Mark) is a young man suffering from traumatising flashbacks to a mysterious past of his.  When a fully armoured squad tries to take him during class, his fear and aggression awaken a power unheard of.

There’s really not much to even spoil, this is jus a good beat em up sprinkled with enough backstory to keep the viewer tied to the characters.  The hits are brutal, the FX are actually clean enough to believe what’s going on. Some of the action-cam during fights were a bit dizzying  but overall tolerable.

Kill Order is worth a viewing and recognition considering how open the ending came to be.  Enjoy

Grade: B+

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