Ne Zha Review

Ne Zha 2019) Movie Review

Director: Yu Yang
Written By: Yu Yang
Starring: Yanting Lü, Joseph, Mo Han

Through and through, Ne Zha is an absolute joy to watch. If you’re the type that cant enjoy a film because it’s animated, you are sorely missing out on a gem.

From the chaos pearl, which was taking asinine amounts of energy, comes two components (Yin/Yang essentially) in the Spirit Pearl and Demon Orb.

When the Demon Orb is set on a ritual altar, its fate is sealed wherein upon birth of the demon child, it shall be struck down by lightning in 3yrs time courtesy of a heavenly curse.

Ne Zha, the demon child, born to Lady Yin and Li Jing, lives his life a lie thinking HE was born of the Spirit Pearl and would someday be a great demon hunter.

Eventually meeting the true Spirit Pearl, Ne Zha wants to live no matter what the curse holds.

The animation is good, the action is well done. The final act is quite the treat overall.

Definitely give this a go whether you want to go it alone or enjoy with the family, there’s loads of fun to be had.

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