Sardar Udham (2021) Movie Review

Director: Shoojit Sircar
Writers: Shubhendu Bhattacharya (screenplay),Ritesh Shah (screenplay)
Stars: Vicky Kaushal, Shaun Scott, Stephen Hogan

Sardar Udham Is An Indian Movie, Directed By Shoojit Sircar and Starring Vickey Kaushal, Banita Sandhu, Amol Parashar and Many Others. The Movie is originally made in Mixture of Hindi and English Languages.

Movie Is Set In The Period of 1900s when indian was colonized by British Government. This Is A Biopic Of A Great Indian Revolutionary Sardar Udham Singh, Who Took Revenge By Killing General O’Dweyer, who was responsible for Massacre of Amritsar on 13 April 1919 in which he ordered to kill 20,000 unarmed people without any former warning.

POSITIVE POINTS: This movie Is not as simple as it’s written upwards, but it has a deep analysis of thought process of protagonist and antagonist as well. This movies is very dark and deeply silent. Most of the scenes are long shots and mostly things are expressed by actions. Creation of that era is done with excellence, and Portrayal of London in that time is just outstanding. After Watching this movie no one can feel good, because it ends with a feeling of injury and pain. It has fulfilled its purpose very efficiently, it’s not supposed to be a jolly movie and it proved what was the situation on that spot of Massacre. This is The Best Performance of Vickey Kaushal Till date, and also by other actors as well. In Indian Cinema Those Britishers are always shown as illogical cruels, but Sardar Udham Has Casted Real British Actors, who give a feel of reality and shown everything unbiased. Cinematography and Set Design is a visual treat for viewers.

NEGATIVE POINTS: This is a hardcore cinematic movie, in the sense that those want only entertainment, drama and twist and turns should avoid this movie. For Drama Viewers It may feel a slow movie but those can watch it with patience till climax will realise it was all a necessary buildup. This Movie Is Based on a Brutal Genocide so people with soft heart should avoid it.

FINAL CONCLUSION: A Must Watch Period Film based on the life of a great Man. Visual Treat for The Lovers of Cinema. To Feel The Feeling When Britishers were Ruling in India.

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