October (2018) Movie Review

Director: Shoojit Sircar
Writers: Juhi ChaturvediWajid Shaikh(additional dialogue)
Stars: Varun Dhawan, Banita Sandhu, Gitanjali Rao

October is a story of a few hotel management interns who all work in a hotel in New Delhi. Dan is one of them, he is like a freak, indisciplined guy who doesn’t like rules and is being dominated by senior colleagues, and siuli is also one of them. There is nothing between them until unexpected events occur and that is how the story catches pace.

POSITIVE POINTS: October movie is very Raw, it’s not a love story shot in rainbows, waterfalls or in fancy cities. It’s a typical local love story, Acting of Varun Dhawan is the best of his career till even today. The story is relatable and connects to Viewers. This movie is a silent, deep, feeling full movie rather than larger-than-life sets, thrilling pickup lines etcetera. October has a subjective climax that some viewers can appreciate and some may find not appreciable. This movie is like s Novel, everything is simple but represented in a way that makes it special. This Movie Doesn’t Have a Happy Ending.

NEGATIVE POINTS: Some viewers may find it slow-paced and some may find it a stretching story. Those who want chill moments or pure dramatic entertainment should avoid this movie. This movie is only for the cinematic audience who appreciates the excellent execution of a very normal story.

FINAL CONCLUSION: October is a one-time watchable emotional love story movie. If you have been feeling alone in your love life or deceived it can be your partner for a while. If nothing then we all can see this movie to see how good acting Varun Dhawan can do, Unlike in his recent films.

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