Dasvi (2022) Movie Review

Director:  Tushar Jalota
Writer: Ritesh Shah
Stars: Abhishek Bachchan, Yami Gautam, Nimrat Kaur, Manu Rishi Chadha, Arun Kushwah, Chittaranjan Tripathy, Danish Husain, Sumit Shekhar Rai, Rohit Tiwari, Dhanveer Singh

Dasvi is a Fictitious story set up in a fictitious state of India Known as “Harit Pradesh”. The story starts with Ganga ram Chaudhary chief minister of the state making a video for the fit India campaign. Then he had a meeting with two industrialists here we see the corrupt nature when he promises to allot the land of the school to those industrialists for the construction of the mall.

Then we see Nimart Kaur as Bimla Devi Chaudhary, Ganga Ram’s wife a very simple and silent lady who is not known for politics. Then the scene sot in the car where Yami Gautam is introduced in the movie as an IPS Officer throwing the video to CM Where she is beating members of CM’s party. Ganga ram ordered to transfer of that IPS Officer.

Then we see that Ganga ram got arrested on the charge of corruption and sent to jail. Ganga ram appointed his wife Bimla Devi as CM But all the decisions were made by Ganga Ram from the luxurious room of jail specially made for him by inspector Satpal Tomar played by “Manu Rishi Chaddha ” to impress him and to be in the good books of Ganga ram Chaudhary.

Then we see Jotsana Deswal who was earlier transferred by Ganga ram when he was out as CM got transferred here as jail superintendent of police then we notice a drastic change. Ganga ram was transferred to a normal cell, and no special treatment was given to him. He is ordered to work in the jail-like other prisoners. Here he met Ghanti a cycle thief, prem quidi who was sent to jail for false allegations because he love a girl of a different cast, Inamdar who is also here with a false allegation due to his honesty.

One day he noticed that some of the prisoners are not working and going some were then he found that they are going to study. So they are freed from work. Then Ganga ram also goes to the library by saying that he wants to complete his metric’s (10th ) standard study but he does not study seriously and sleep there. And Superintendent noticed it and then he studied some history book were we see him going to the flashback of the incident which he started studying.

We see him going to lala lajpat rai’s protest , Gandhi’s Dandi march ,Last moment of Chandrashekhar Azad and the escape moment of Subhas chandra bose . We see him asking his doubts directly from the freedom fighter than suddenly we see him in current situation . All the person in that jail boundary thought he is mentally ill.

On the other side we see bimla devi has learned tactics of politics and want to control the government by her own and wanted to remain seated in the chair of CM even after return of his husband. So she tricked Ganga ram by giving him idea of acting like mentally disturbed person By saying that by this trick he will be shifted to a luxurious hospital (see know that a mentally ill person can not contest election according to the constitution of India). He acted like a mentally disturbed but Jotsana Deswal bursted his trick my giving wrong figure of his previous election results, he has taken it to his ego and to prove her wrong he corrected her with right figures and his trick to flee from jail got fail.

Here only he was challenged by Jotsana and in reply Ganga Ram committed that either he will pass the board exam or he will not contest for the seat of CM.

He started learning with the help of Ghanti, inamdar and  Rai Bareli by connecting every subject With his political terminologies. The news of this challenge is leaked by Satpal to the reporter “kavish kumar” By hearing this news bimla devi feel relaxed by thinking He will not pass the exam. Gangaram studied very well but he is having problem in Hindi paper he is not understanding it andthis news also got leaked in the media. He goes to prem quidi to learn Hindi but he got bail But he is in the fear because the brothers of the girl who he loves warned him to kill when he come out of jail but Ganga ram arranged their marriage in jail because he has some hold on his cast and no one can disobey Ganga ram.

Seeing his hard work and dedication Jotsana Deswal help her to learn Hindi. Knowing his problem in Hindi Bimla devi arranged  to schedule Paper of Hindi the very first test. Ganga ram got exam fever. He is told to write essay to get 20 marks an 10 -20 marks to get pass. All other exam goes well.

He come out of jail and there he saw that all his party members are againts him and in support of bimla devi to be chaired as The CM of the state so he resigned from the party and contest the election from the opposition party meeting hands with opposition leader sachin . He contests the election with the education as his core agenda. And co – incidentally his exam result and election result is to be announced same day . He passed the exam with 57% Marks and also win the election . While opposition leader is purposing Ganga Ram’s name as CM he stopped him and announced Sachin’s name as new CM. We see Ganga ram taking oath of the education minister of the state and all get shorted.

After Watching this film we come to a conclusion that this film is made to target the right to education of every citizen of the country, how it is important for each and every people. In this movie we see the instances of corruption, political tactics and through the character of prem quidi we see the picture of how cast system is Impacting the life of many persons it is broking love intrests.

Although this movie talks about many aspects of society in such a shorter time frame . You will not feel disconnected or get bore at any point audience feel connected to the movie every point due to its perfect comic timing and satirical dialogues. like “mall banega  to maal milega, school banega to berozgar milega” (If mall is being constructed we will get Money, If school got constructed we will get unemployed persons”), ye chaudhrahat ki pagdi hai jhukti koni (This is the turban of Chaudhry,it doesn’t bend), etc.

This is the debut direction of Tushar Jalota. If you are fond of drama series and someting entertaining to watch this movie will perfect fit to your interest. This movie is worth watching. If you want to watch it and if you are a resident with jio network connection than you can watch it on jio cinema for free otherwise you can watch it on Netflix with subscription.
Talking about its rating it is rated 7.4 in IMDb and it is 92% people in Google.


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