Panchayat (2020) TV Series Review

Director: Deepak Kumar Mishra
Writers: Chandan Kumar
Stars: Jitendra Kumar, Raghuvir Yadav, Chandan Roy

Panchayat is an Indian web series, its first season was released in 2020, and its second season in 2022. In this web series, the plot is about a young man Abhishek who is an engineering graduate but could not get a corporate job that’s why he had joined the job of secretary of a village named Phulera. Growing up in urban surroundings, Abhishek finds it difficult to adjust to a new area in a rural part of India.

The village is a little outdated and far from the limelight, Abhishek misses everything he did in the city and wants to get out of that village anyhow.

One word conclusion for Panchayat is – Beautiful. This web series is so sweet and bounding that you already start loving it the way it is made without being willing any complaint. There are no big plot twists, Not so modern VFX Work, and not so larger life sets but still, there is story and innocence. Every actor is living their character, and every episode is based on very lightweight topics or silly issues, like a haunted tree, a chair with a wheel, etc but their filming and execution are done with perfection. Every scene, place even object used like bikes, vessels and dresses seem so raw and normal. The strength of this web series is its story and its actors.

They are not mainstream actors but while working in this series, they proved that they deserve more. There is no nudity in the web series and very less cuss words so anyone can watch this with family. Both seasons have 8 episodes in each and the last episode of season 2 is tearful and unexpected.

Panchayat is an experience, which everyone should watch. Many people just binge-watched whole seasons when they came. This is a calming series, if you like action, suspense, or very brutal web series then please don’t watch this. From my side, this is one of the best web series available on Amazon Prime and not only in India but on an international level. It portrays grass root level of India, which is stereotyped by Bollywood.

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