RRR (2022) Movie Review

Director: S.S. Rajamouli
Writers: Vijayendra Prasad (story), Sai Madhav Burra (Telugu
dialogue), Madhan Karky (Tamil dialogue)
Stars: Ram Charan, N.T. Rama Rao Jr. Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt

RRR was a most awaited movie of India from Telugu Industry, by the filmmaker of the highest-grossing Indian film ever in history ‘Baahubali’. When you have done something extraordinary, automatically people’s expectations of you increase and that’s why RRR has most waited so that people can see if S.S. Rajamouli can break his own records.

RRR movie is based in the time of British Occupied India and follows the plot of two friends. One friend is Ram and another friend is Bheem, both are revolutionaries but one is secretly fighting for the country and working with Brits and another one is openly most wanted and trying to overpower British Empire. In this movie, the main characters and their names are inspired by real revolutionaries but the incidents shown in the movie are fictional.

If you see RRR independently as a movie, then only one word for this is: fantastic. Everything in the movie just seems excellent, from music to cinematography and action to acting nothing is compromised and the whole budget of the movie looks worth it. The introduction of characters happens with stunning effects and the camera work is also amazing. Visualization of New Delhi in that time looks overwhelming, that today’s most polluted and rushing city was such a calm place during that time.

The cruelty and brutality of British actors are shown perfectly and we can imagine that’s how they were. The best thing about this movie is the same as Sardar Udham’s movie and that is, for British characters only British actors are cast that’s why accents and charisma look real, instead of showing fake accents by Indian actors as Brits. The film is heavy and so much blood, symbolism is at its peak and everything looks massey and classy, from British guns, hunters, cars, and chariots to Palaces, army, and parties just like S.S. Rajamouli had visited that time India through a time machine.

This movie proves why S.S. Rajamouli takes time to make a movie because he creates cinema, emotional friendship, heart-wrenching dialogs, and beautiful frames to show the affection of the makers with making. For me, RRR is a worth it movie for waiting and the collection it did is totally deserving. Alia Bhatt and other actors have also done their job and should be appreciated.

If you go to compare RRR with Baahubali, then the only thing you will get is a disappointment because both cinemas are different. Definitely, RRR is not at Bahubali level, of course, every movie can’t be but whatever RRR is, it’s original and genuine. Comparing movies is not fair, because both have a different narrative but the visuals and action in both have excellent quality.

Final Conclusion: RRR is a must-watch movie, but not to be compared with Baahubali. RRR is an interesting movie that will keep you bound with itself and keep you curious about the next incident.

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