96 (2018) Movie Review

Director: C. Prem Kumar
Writers: Charu Gupta (hindi dialogue), C. Prem Kumar
Stars: Vijay Sethupathi, Adithya Bhaskar, Trisha Krishnan

The Tamil film industry is known for its unique and compelling storytelling. Among the plethora of films that have been released over the years, one film that stood out for its honest and poignant portrayal of love is “96”. Directed by C. Prem Kumar, the film stars Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha Krishnan in the lead roles.

“96” is a film that tells the story of two high school sweethearts, Ram and Janu, who meet after 22 years at their school reunion. Ram is now a successful travel photographer, while Janu is a married school principal with a daughter. The film explores their emotional journey as they revisit their past memories and confront the feelings they have buried for over two decades.

What sets “96” apart from other love stories is its realism. The film does not rely on grand gestures or romantic clichés to portray love. Instead, it focuses on the little moments that make up a relationship, the conversations, the glances, and the unspoken words. The chemistry between Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha Krishnan is palpable, and their performances are natural and understated, making their characters relatable and endearing.

The film also addresses the societal expectations and gender roles that often come into play in a relationship. Janu’s marriage, which is arranged by her family, is not a happy one, and she has given up her dreams and aspirations to become a dutiful wife and mother. Ram, on the other hand, is portrayed as a free spirit, who has chosen to pursue his passion for photography and travel, rather than conform to the expectations of society.

The film’s soundtrack, composed by Govind Vasantha, is a masterpiece. The songs, which are soulful and melodious, add depth and emotion to the story. The background score, which is minimalistic yet impactful, sets the tone for the film and enhances the mood of each scene.

“96” is a film that will resonate with anyone who has experienced the pain and joy of love. It is a poignant reminder of how the decisions we make in life can shape our destiny, and how the memories of our past can continue to haunt us. The film is a testament to the power of storytelling, and how it can move us, inspire us, and make us feel deeply.

In conclusion, “96” is a beautiful and moving film that deserves all the acclaim it has received. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves cinema and appreciates good storytelling. The film’s message is simple yet profound, that love, like life, is not always easy, but it is worth fighting for.

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