Dana Carvey, Original Star of Wayne’s World, Discusses the Possibility of a Third Movie

Garth actor Dana Carvey recently shared his thoughts on the possibility of a third installment of the beloved Wayne’s World franchise. Carvey, who starred alongside Mike Myers in the original 1992 film and its 1993 sequel, spoke about the prospects of a third film in a recent interview.

Carvey’s response was mixed, but overall optimistic. He acknowledged that both he and Myers had discussed the possibility of a third film in the past, but that it had never come to fruition. He also expressed some doubts about whether a third film would be able to capture the same magic as the first two.

“I think there’s always the possibility [of a third film], but I think it’s really tricky,” Carvey said. “I think the world has changed so much since the first two movies came out, and it would be tough to recapture that same kind of energy and vibe.”

Despite his reservations, Carvey also expressed his admiration for Myers and his confidence in his ability to create something new and exciting for the franchise. “Mike is such a genius, and he’s always coming up with new ideas and new characters,” he said. “If anyone could figure out a way to make it work, it would be him.”

Carvey’s comments echo those of Myers, who has also expressed interest in a third Wayne’s World film but has been cautious about making any official announcements. In a 2020 interview with Variety, Myers said that he had “ideas” for a third film but that he wanted to make sure that it was done right.

“It’s a really precious thing to me, and it’s something that’s really important to a lot of people,” Myers said. “I would never want to do it unless we had something really great to say and a way to say it that was fresh and new and fun.”

For fans of the Wayne’s World franchise, Carvey’s mixed but optimistic response will likely be both exciting and nerve-wracking. While the prospect of a third film is certainly tantalizing, there is always the risk that it won’t live up to the high expectations set by the first two. However, with Myers and Carvey both on board and committed to creating something new and exciting, there is reason to believe that Wayne’s World 3 could be a success. Ultimately, only time will tell whether the two stars will be able to recapture the magic of the first two films.

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