Disney’s Frozen 3 Announcement Surprises Songwriters, but They’re Excited to Continue the Journey!

Disney’s Frozen franchise has been a massive success since its first release in 2013, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide with its unforgettable music, captivating storyline, and lovable characters. So when Disney recently announced the development of Frozen 3, it came as a surprise to many, including the franchise’s songwriters, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Despite the unexpected news, the duo expressed their excitement over the upcoming film.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez are no strangers to the world of Disney. The talented couple has already won two Oscars for their work on the original Frozen film, including the unforgettable song “Let It Go.” They also worked on the songs for the sequel, Frozen 2, which was released in 2019.

The announcement of Frozen 3 came as a surprise to many, including the franchise’s songwriters. In an interview with Variety, Kristen Anderson-Lopez revealed that they had no idea that Disney was planning a third installment of the popular franchise. She said, “We were surprised. They hadn’t let us know that they were doing it. But they are doing it, and they’re excited, and they’re moving forward in a way that they feel is right.”

Despite the surprise, Kristen and Robert expressed their excitement over the upcoming film and their eagerness to work on new music. Robert Lopez said, “We’re excited because we always love to work with these characters, and we love this world. We’re excited to create new songs and new stories for them.”

Kristen Anderson-Lopez added that the success of the franchise is due to the deep emotional connection that audiences have with the characters and their stories. She said, “It’s all about these characters that we love, and we’re excited to continue to explore their journeys and see where they take us.”

The duo has already started working on the new music for Frozen 3, and they are confident that they will be able to create songs that will resonate with audiences once again. Robert Lopez said, “We’re just starting to get into it. We’re excited to continue the story and excited to continue the music. We think we have some really great ideas, and we’re excited to bring them to life.”

The success of the Frozen franchise has been nothing short of extraordinary. The original film grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide, and the sequel grossed over $1.4 billion, making it the highest-grossing animated film of all time. The films’ soundtracks have also been incredibly successful, with the original soundtrack winning two Oscars and the sequel’s soundtrack topping the charts.

Frozen has become a cultural phenomenon, and the announcement of Frozen 3 is sure to generate even more excitement and anticipation. Although the film’s release date and plot details have not been revealed yet, fans can rest assured that Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez will once again deliver unforgettable music that will capture the hearts of audiences worldwide.

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