My Name (2021) Webseries Review

Stars: Hee-soon Park, Ahn Bo-Hyun, Han So-hee

“My Name” is a thrilling South Korean web series that premiered on Netflix in 2021. The show revolves around Yoon Ji-woo (Han So-hee), a woman who joins a secret organization known as the Jangga Corporation to avenge her father’s death.

The series is filled with action, drama, and suspense, which keeps the audience engaged throughout the 10-episode run. The plot is well-written, and the pacing of the show is spot-on, with each episode leaving you wanting more.

One of the standout elements of the show is character development. Yoon Ji-woo’s transformation from a timid and vulnerable girl to a confident and skilled fighter is impressive. The supporting characters are also well-fleshed out, and their relationships with Yoon Ji-woo add depth and complexity to the storyline.

The cinematography and production design are top-notch, with the show’s stylish visuals adding to the overall atmosphere and tone. The fight scenes are choreographed and executed with precision, making them a highlight of the show.

Overall, “My Name” is an excellent addition to the Korean drama genre, and it’s well worth a watch. The show’s compelling plot, well-developed characters, and stunning visuals make it a must-see for fans of action and suspense.

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