Cyn’s Corner

Name: Cyn
Position: YouTuber
Born: Before you, probably! 😀

Living: Still alive (last I checked) and residing in the Southern U.S.

How I got into movies: I’ve loved movies since I was young, despite growing up without a TV. I enjoyed seeing a story come to life before my eyes – it fascinated me and completely captured my imagination.

What I love about movies: This ties back to the above comment: Movies are a form of story-telling, and one of my favorite things is the art of storytelling (whether it’s through books, audiobooks, or movies/shows). There’s something exciting about being swept up into a well-crafted story, watching it play out in spectacular manner, and processing the emotions and thoughts it can evoke.

Favorite Films: Terminator 2 (followed closely by The Terminator). Some more of my favorites include such films as Halloween (1978)/Halloween (2018), Wonder Woman, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Underworld, The Dark Knight, The Lost Boys, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, The Black Stallion, and The Secret of Nimh. Honorable mentions: 1917, Warrior.

Favorite Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Favorite Genres: In no particular order – mystery, suspense, thriller, action/adventure, horror