The Rezort Review

The Rezort (2015) Movie Review by Darrin Gauthier


Director: Steve Barker
Writer: Paul Gerstenberger
Stars: Dougray Scott, Jessica De Gouw, Martin McCann

Plot:  The ReZort, a safari park, offers paying guests the opportunity to kill as many zombies as they please following an outbreak.
Running Time: 1 hour 33 minutes
IMDB Score: 5.3

Why I watched it: It’s a horror movie, I know it’s lame but it’s the truth.

Random thoughts: I knew next to nothing about the film, the plot description on Netflix Canada and I knew Dougray Scott was in it. I will say I’m a wee bit tired of zombie movies but i gave it a go anyway.

What I liked: The set up is simple but I will say a bit different for a zombie movie, it’s a park where you can go and kill zombies, you can if the metaphor pretty easy but I liked that this film had something to say sure it was a little hammer over the head but so many horror films have nothing to say about anything so this was nice that it had subtext.

Pretty simple set up zombies meet Jurassic Park, it had some good tension and I have to say as someone who has watched a ton of horror films you can get a feel if something is decent, it’s almost a vibe and I liked the energy of this film and also I really like the Dougray Scott character cause they do two things that modern films almost never do 1-he’s quiet, and a bad ass, 2-They don’t give us a huge backstory he’s a mystery, he’s ex military but he’s smart and he seems like a good guy or at least an anti-hero.  I also liked Jessica De Gouw here, her role is more cliched but she fleshed out her character she made her a flawed final girl but again she was likeable and you cared what happened to her.

The zombie action was good and the last act is well done, it gets dark and there’s a couple of twists that take a shot at humanity or the lack thereof. I do like how they set up the park and the people who worked there.  Again this film had a few things to say and they got it across in the form of a zombie movie.

What I didn’t like: The rest of the characters are types and you also know since they’re types they won’t last long. the acting is fine but again I wished they took more time giving some of them personalities. It’s a zombie film so of course we get some zombie cliches not as bad as some movies but again it would be nice to have as few as possible.

Final Thoughts: I liked it, this was a huge surprise for me, it’s not great but a solid late night horror film with more depth than one would expect.

Rating: 6/10

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