Stasis Review

Stasis (2017) Movie Review by Stephen McLaughlin


Director: Nicole Jones-Dion
Writer: Nicole Jones-Dion
Stars: Anna Harr,  Mark Grossman,  Phyllis Spielman

After a night out of partying Ava (Anna Harr) wakes up and sneaks back home only to find that somebody’s already in her bed and they look exactly like her. Ava learns that a time-traveling fugitive has stolen her body and she is now a ghost and invisible to everyone.

Sometimes when you watch a movie you know that the movie knows what it wants to be. “Stasis” isn’t one of those movies in my opinion. The story flits back and forth between 2017 and 2067 and I can only describe the plot as the aftermath of a nuclear war that almost wiped out the human race and it’s up to the remaining few to become time travellers to stop the war from ever happening.

The opening sequence of a large atomic explosion over New York City was actually decent until the voice over actress spoke trying her best to sound like Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor. Now forget plot holes and paradoxes. This movie isn’t developed enough to even criticise it for the obvious. The storyline seems to move across one track only to jump onto another one leaving the audience confused and wondering what actually is going on in this under development plot. It’s also difficult to invest your attention in the movie when the characters are also undeveloped and uninteresting.

The acting and dialogue belong in a straight to Sci-Fi Channel Network production and you never feel you care for any of these characters. I almost felt the shooting of the movie must have been done in sequence as the actors only look comfortable as the story moves along and only really come out of their bland selves in the last half hour of the movie.

As far as the quality of the production. It wasn’t bad as in visually although some of the props looked forced and I felt they try to cram in too many “futuristic” apparatus to give us a 2067 feel. A bit like the old 1960’s vision of the future where computers where on large tape reels and we wore silver clothes with a ray gun at our side. Also the visuals of entering Stasis was like a cross between the opening sequences to “The Big Bang Theory” crossed with one of those Roger Moore James Bond Lava Lamp intros but done badly.

If I was being harsh, I would say it is one of the worst movies I have ever subjected myself to. But the actual concept of what the filmmakers tried to achieve might have saved this if it was better executed. The storyline jumped all over the place and there was no connection between the characters and the viewer in my opinion. “Stasis” could have been a decent low budget Sci-Fi movie but instead was confusing, underdeveloped and bland. Unfortunately I can’t recommend watching this movie.

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