Urge Review

Urge (2016) Movie Review by Darrin Gauthier 


Director: Aaron Kaufman
WritersGuy Busick (story by), Aaron Kaufman (story by)
Stars: Pierce Brosnan,  Justin Chatwin,  Danny Masterson

Plot:  A weekend getaway takes a dangerous turn when a mysterious nightclub owner introduces a group of friends to a dangerous new designer drug.

Running Time: 1 hour 29 minute

Rotten Tomatoes: Critics 0% Critics have stayed away from even reviewing it.  Audience  27%

Why I Watched it: I hadn’t heard of it but saw the trailer, the cast was decent and it looked like it could be a fun genre flick.

Thoughts:  Big thing is you’re thinking of watching this even though Pierce Brosnan is big in the trailer and on the poster he’s not in it very much.  I thought going in this would be a tale of a drug that makes you lose your mind or makes you act a certain way, the premise reminded me of an older film called Impulse.

What I liked: I hated this movie, and I put that in the what I liked part for a reason.  Irony?  It’s one of those movies where I don’t even want to write a review but since I watched it I thought I might warn other would be viewers.

Let’s see what I can come up with for what I liked, the cast for the most part is attractive, Pierce Brosnan is the best thing about this movie, he’s having fun chewing scenery, he’s playing a agent of evil or the devil the movie doesn’t know so why should I but he runs with the role.

What I didn’t Like: I have to say I have a pet peeve with the kind of movie that is mean spirited and basically all they have to say is that people are awful and then say it over and over again. That is Urge in a nutshell, they take a premise where you do go in a lot of different direction and go in the people are shitty and the world will end if we act on our urges.  So no one would have good urges?  That’s what this film thinks and really hammers the point more than a few times.

This is a very lazy film, it has one note. They try and make it strange and weird but it comes off as weird for weird sake. The film isn’t shot well and it’s not well directed.  Some of the acting is alright but the problem is the film has nowhere to go.  This happens to a lot of horror films once they do the big reveal, one they reveal the plot then the films momentum stops.  Once we get into the third act I just wanted it over, they had nothing interesting to say and they took the film to a point where they really had no ending.  So to say it again I hated this movie. Hate’s a strong word, I stand by it.

Final Thoughts: The film is a waste of time, they had a cast and an idea and they did nothing with it.

Rating: 2/10

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