Better Watch Out Review

Better Watch Out (2016) Movie Review by Darrin Gauthier


Director: Chris Peckover
Writers: Zack Kahn (story by), Zack Kahn (screenplay by)
Stars: Olivia DeJonge, Levi Miller, Ed Oxenbould

Plot:  On a quiet suburban street, a babysitter must defend a twelve-year-old boy from intruders, only to discover it’s far from a normal home invasion.

IMDB Score: 6.6

Why I watched it: It’s a Christmas horror film and Tis the season.

Thoughts: The odd thing about this film aside from it being set at Christmas it’s almost the same plot from The Babysitter that came out earlier this year on Netflix, younger teenage boy in love with his babysitter and stuff, bad stuff happens.

What I liked: The film starts well, I like the set up and maybe the first third of the film.

Olivia Dejonge gives a good performance and she’s very liable and good make a really good final girl.  Warburton and Madsen are good as the parents, sadly they’re not in it that much.  I will say there’s one twist that surprised me and thought was clever but they didn’t do much with it.

What I didn’t like: Let me get this off my chest, I really disliked this movie to the point of almost hating it.  This was a case of a movie rubbing me the wrong way.  I’m not the biggest fans of home invasion films, I find almost all of them drag and we play the cat and mouse game, the good guys are caught they break free they get caught again.  Boring.  Here they take a decent set up and turn it into a paint by numbers home invasion.

Now I won’t spoil the film cause there’s a couple of twists but I will say this I had a real trouble with the tone of this film,  I get the beginning being the way it was but once the film does the twists and kind of changes then the tone should have changed, I found the film mean spirited and disturbing at times.  The go from cool slasher to ‘Funny Games” territory and they keep the same tone.  Also I didn’t care for Levi Miller’s performance at all, he was nails on a chalk board for me.  One thing that frustrates me is when a film pulls off a decent out of nowhere twist but then don’t know where to go with it.  I almost couldn’t get through the third act it turned me off so much and it was a chore to get through.

Final thoughts: I watched this movie on itunes and it was on for .99 cents, and I had heard decent buzz about so I thought oh cool that’s a good price, even at .99 cents I didn’t get my money’s worth, that should let you know what I thought about this film.

Rating: 2/10

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