Goon Last of the Enforcers Review

Goon: Last Of The Enforcers (2017) Movie Review By Darrin Gauthier


Director: Jay Baruchel
Writers: Jay Baruchel (screenplay by), Jesse Chabot (screenplay by)
Stars: Seann William Scott, Alison Pill, Marc-André Grondin

Plot:  A hockey player plagued by injuries is confronted with the possibility of retirement when a tough new player challenges his status as the league’s top enforcer.

Running Time: 1 hour 41 minutes

IMDB Score: 5.8

Why I Watched it: Saw the first one and I liked it and add in the fact it’s about hockey well that would be in my double wheelhouse if that was a thing.

Random thoughts: Showing hockey in a movie is tricky, it moves fast and really it’s hard to do in quick moments, the game really has to play out more but I will say Goon does a good job of giving you a feel of the game on the ice.

Also to point out Baruchel directed this one, he wrote the first one and was in that one more here it’s more a cameo.

What I liked: The film like the first one is full of heart and character, it understands what hockey is about, the team, I like they focus on character here than a hockey score, sure this one is about the team making the playoffs but it’s also about the team dynamic.

This film is full of great Canadian actors getting little moments, like to see Kim Coates play something other than a bad guy, and Callum Keith Rennie is always welcome, nice to see Elisha Cuthbert play against type she’s pretty funny here.

Liev Schreiber is so good here and let me get on my soap box and say how underrated he is as an actor lead of supporting he never gives a bad performance.  Seann William Scott is good again pretty much doing the same think as the first but I do thing that’s the point, his character is a what you see is what you get.  Give him credit it’s hard to play not bright but also not stupid, he’s a real character not a cliche. Wyatt Russell not only has acting in his blood but also played hockey but I’ll say this he will one day make it big playing a psycho bad guy, I’ve seen him close twice he has the crazy/dead eyes and the intensity to pull it off big time.

The film is not a great hockey movie but it’s a fun and well meaning story and it’s very entertaining, it does hit home what it’s like to be a part of a team/family.  The film has it’s heart and fists in the right place.

What I didn’t like: The hockey fights here, like the first one, are shot more like boxing matches they’re much more over the top, the film does at times feel like a fight movie on skates, that’s not the way hockey fights are.

The other big thing is I thought the film would hit on the fact that fighting is getting pushed out of hockey, the title says it and it does pay some lip service to it but it doesn’t really show it that well.

I thought this film feel into the sports movie cliches more than the first one did, even with the wife role being very cliched , yes she does have a good line about not wanting to be that type of wife but she’s choosing to be that type of wife.  Also the wife role here is not only under written but her main purpose plot wise is to be pregnant.

Final Thoughts: Not as good as the first one but still a lot of fun, it made me laugh a couple of times and it’s a warm hearted film with some nice performances.

Rating: 6/10

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