Blood Money Review

Blood Money (2017) Movie Review by Darrin Gauthier

Blood Money Review

Director: Lucky McKee
Writers: Jared Butler,  Lars Norberg
Stars: Ellar ColtraneWilla Fitzgerald, Jacob Artist, John Cusack

Plot:  Three friends on a wilderness excursion must outrun a white collar criminal hellbent on retrieving his cash, but soon their greed turns them against each other.

Running Time: 100 Minutes

IMDB Score: 4.5

Why I Watched It: I’m still a John Cusack fan and I thought it looked decent.

Random Thoughts: Clearly John Cusack is in his “if the money’s there I do not care phase of his career.”  It’s too bad, the guy can still act and he’s still charming but man here he looks barely awake.

The director Lucky McKee, not too long ago he looked like he could be a very good genre director, he had May, The Women, The Woods but this film, well it’s a work for hire and it really shows.  It’s too bad cause we need directors you get genre and do it well to keep working at it.

What I Liked: I’ll be honest there’s not much to like here, but let me find something.  John Cusack, he’s the only reason to even kind of watch this film, him and if you like movies set in the woods and watching people raft and camp.

Cusack is good even when he’s not trying, he’s the kind of guy I think it would be fun just to see him wake up and do his morning routine.  He’s kind of the flip side of Nic Cage, Cage is over the top and strange Cusack is semi awake and is just trying to get through the shoot.  He looks terrible here, his character has no character he wears a black bandanna and two pair of sunglasses one is purple.

What I Didn’t Like: The script is downright  awful, there are no characters here, they’re barely cliches, they’re types cranked up to 11.  The whole point of three “friends” going camping, there’s history there we don’t know what it is, they can’t seem to stand each other and it’s like that from the beginning, at first I didn’t know who they were to each other.  The plot is Cusack jumps out of a plane throws four bags of money out, doesn’t hold it, has no tracker to it, so he lands and tries to find the money.  Now here’s how lazy the film is, we don’t know anything about him we hear on a police radio that an embezzler is missing and his plane crashed.  How they knew that we’ll never know.  This is an amazingly dumb plot and the kicker is the one girl turns right away, she’s crazy for the money, 8 million and she needs it cause she lost her scholarship, really?  If you have 8 million I don’t think you worry about school.

It’s hard to believe but it gets worst from there, of course this is a weird love triangle, and of course the all hate/love each other but the editing of this film and the script make it so hard to understand the motivations.  There’s one point where the guy says “ i own her, I won” nothing said until like 45 minutes later, then the women played badly by Willa Fitzgerald goes on about being treated like a trophy and blah blah, but none of it means something in a better movie sure but not here.

Also it’s one of those movies as it goes along it gets dumber and dumber, it’s an insult to call this an idiot plot, it does have that much sense.  Characters do things that make no sense it’s like they had an ending and by God they were going to get there weather or not it made sense.  Of course to add to the mess they start the movie with the end, that never helps a movie and this makes it even dumber.  The action finale is and I mean this laughable, they go into this water pipe tunnel and for the unintentional comedy it’s amazing.  I don’t like picking on actors and I’ve seen Fitzgerald in the Scream series but not only is she badly miscast she makes some really bad choices and of course the script doesn’t help her.  All the actors come off badly cause they do such stupid things.

Final Thoughts: We’ve seen this sub-genre a hundred times money/greed making friends and family turn on each other but this is bottom of the barrel. The final third of this film is terrible.  Don’t bother with this one even if you’re a Cusack fan cause he isn’t in it that much.

Rating: 2/10

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