Streamer Review

Streamer (2017) Movie Review By Darrin Gauthier


Directors: Jared Bratt,  Vincent Pun
Writers: Jared Bratt,  Vincent Pun
Stars: Jared Bratt,  Tanya Lee,  Brennan Pedde

Plot:  When a misguided loner learns that a webcam girl lives in his building, he struggles to build a sincere relationship with both her onscreen and offscreen personas.

Running Time: 78 Minutes

Why I Watched It: Got a chance to see this early while it’s playing the festival circuit.

What I liked: This is a film about loneliness, there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely, when you’re alone when you don’t want to be well that’s a hard place to be.  Streamer is a look at Jared a man who lives alone in a big city and we meet him while she’s shooting a video talking about being alone and about how much he wants to meet someone and he also states he’s a virgin, he’s 28.  Now he posts the video and when he goes back no one has viewed it.  What Streamer does is show what it’s like to be alone and when you don’t want to be.

Streamer is a stripped down film, small indie film with about three characters, we follow Jared’s life and to it’s not a lot of fun, we feel his isolation we see him go to sites with web cams and sees a girl on the site that happens to live his building and thus begins him trying to connect with her in real life and on the site where her name is Ivy.

The film takes a hard look at what live is like for Jared, we see him try to talk to this new girl and we soon realize he does have the confidence or the skill set to do it right, he’s much better when he’s talking to her on the site.  What I like is the film shows for Jared it’s not about sex it’s about connecting, it’s about feeling something for another person.  Going into the film I thought it would be more of the online stuff but the film does focus on the budding friendship between Jared and the girl, for her it’s friendship for Jared it feels like his last shot. The acting is good here Jared Bratt stars as Jared, he also co-wrote and co-directed the film, he, Bratt brings a humanity to his character, he’s sad but he’s trying but mostly he’s lost he doesn’t know how do to what he needs to do to achieve his goal, he gets the girl to like him but not love him.  Tanya Lee plays Ivy and the girl, that’s her name in the credits, she has a tough role here cause she’s basically play two characters two sides of the same person, plus we see her as Jared sees her at times, a lot of it is in his head.  The scenes with the two of them hanging out is very nice they have a nice chemistry and you do see them become friends.

I like the fact that we see both sides of it, we kind of know Jared doesn’t have a chance but we also hope against hope he can find happiness.  I also thought it was well written, not to many films has the guts to have a character who openly says they don’t want to be alone that he’s not alright with it, he wants to be part of something that he doesn’t feel whole without someone else.  It’s a different take on life and relationships, so many times we have characters who will trade money, power and a good job for love here it’s the other way around.

What I Didn’t Like:  The pacing is a bit slow, I get what they were going for a slice of real life but the film does drag at times.  Also for better or worse this film is sad, at times it’s hard to watch, a lot of scenes are awkward and there meant to be but still it’s a tough watch at times.

The ending is kind of sudden, we don’t see what happens but let’s say it’s not only dark but a downer, this film has an overriding sense of sadness which I get but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea just don’t go in expecting rainbows and sunshine.

Final Thoughts; I thought this was a good character study and it did explore a topic well they didn’t throw a bunch of cliches they tried to show what it’s like to be single in a big city where you feel all alone.  It’s very human and very sad.

Rating: 7/10

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