Orbiter 7 Review

Orbiter 9 (2017) Movie Review By Darrin Gauthier

Orbiter 7 Review
Director: Hatem Khraiche
Writer: Hatem Khraiche
Stars: Clara Lago, Álex González, Andrés Parra

Plot:  A girl discovers that the reality of her life isn’t as she believes.

Running Time: 95 Minutes

IMDB Score: 5.8

Why I Watched It: This was on Netflix and the trailer looked decent and I’m also up to giving genre films from other countries a chance.

Random Thoughts: The film is from Spain, so I watched it in Spanish with English sub-titles.  I love foreign films and I do think each country has a different take on genre films they don’t stick to the Hollywood rules and cliches.

What I Liked: The idea was a cool one and as you can see by the plot summary this film has an early twist which I liked, we get into the film and we do the world building and then really early the big twist happens that sets up the rest of the film.  I liked the fact that they didn’t leave the big twist till the third act that they let the characters and us the audience deal with it and that of course sets up the rest of the film, I should say what the film is really about.

The two leads are good, I really liked Alex Gonzalez has his character has more at stake and is the one that sets things in motion.  Clara Lago is good her and I would like to see her in more but her character is kind of limited and she’s written in a very stock cliched way.  The two do have chemistry and they play off each other well.  Belen Rueda shows up but is sadly wasted in a slight but eventually important role,  I would have liked to see more of her.

What I Didn’t Like: The film drags and honestly is boring at points, the middle is tough to get through I nearly fell asleep trying to get through it, I had to get up wake up to finish the film.  Once the twist happens it kind of turns into a romantic movie but it just didn’t work, it happens to quickly and the stakes are so big and pretty much global I don’t see someone doing all this for someone they just met.  I will say Belen Rueda’s character has the best line in the film where she meets Clara Lago and says “I see what all the fuss is about, she’s lovely” and that sums it up, she’s an attractive young women, but has you see by the title there’s more than her that this “thing” is happening to but Alex Gonzalez didn’t try to help them just her.  If you want to buy the love at first sight, so after just meeting someone and then having sex you fall deeply in love with them then you might buy the film’s third act I didn’t.

I think this might have been a good idea to play with but they do nothing with it, they turn it into a couple fighting to stay together and I also didn’t think they did a good job of setting up this future and why the government chose to do this, it’s very convoluted and is just boring.

It seemed like the film had this one idea, the first act twist and then they had nowhere to go and even at 95 minutes they run out of ideas so nothing that comes after the twist was as interesting as the twist.  No excuse for a boring Sci-Fi film, if there’s no action than make it about ideas and about what if’s here they do a typical lovers trying to stay together and that part is the most boring idea in the whole film.

Final Thoughts: Good first third but the film is just dull and really has nothing new to say.

Rating: 4/10

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